You are reading this because you are interested in applying for Bayer Foundation’s Women Empowerment Award. The Impact Hub will run the application process and through the information we ask you for in the application form, we have two main responsibilities:

  1. We evaluate each candidate’s submission to determine how they fit the program criteria.

  2. We analyze the aggregate data form all applications to learn more about the current needs and types of women-led enterprises, so that our program can continuously be adapted to those needs, but also to contribute by sharing this knowledge through an annual White Paper (see link to the latest White Paper)


The application form includes questions about yourself, your personal background and your current business. The data provided will only be used for evaluation and learning purposes and to ensure continuous improvement of Impact Hub and Bayer Cares Foundation’s programs. We expect it to take you no longer than 20-30 min.

Impact Hub stores this data securely on AcceleratorApp and reviews the security and necessity of the storing of data sets annually. Your responses will be shared with the Bayer Cares Foundation, Bayer AG and Impact Hub teams responsible for the program, as well as evaluators and jury of the program’s selective process. We may share anonymised data with the program’s research partners Impact Intelligence and SISTAC, who carry out aggregated analysis. The anonymised and aggregate analysis may be shared widely in the form of reports and speaking engagements at conferences. If you are not successful in the application process, you may choose to delete your profile from AcceleratorApp at any time, which will also delete the information you provided.

By selecting the box in the application form, you agree to the processing of your personal data in this way.

If you have any questions or doubts about the use of data, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Impact Hub GmbH
Lindengasse 56 / 18-19
1070 Vienna, Austria, Thaís Balistieri, Program Manager, Impact Hub

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