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Hear Me

Breaking barriers with innovative sign language translator application

Hear Me introduces the first Indonesian Sign Language Translator Application featuring a 3D animation display. Hear Me seamlessly translates voice announcements into sign language through real-time 3D animation. This breakthrough ensures crucial information accessibility for the deaf community, particularly in bustling public spaces.


Going beyond mere translation, Hear Me employs two-way technology at customer service desks. Tablets installed with this innovative system instantly convert the spoken words of non-deaf personnel into dynamic 3D sign language animations on the screens of deaf customers. This interactive approach fosters fluid communication, enabling deaf individuals to respond effortlessly by typing on the tablet interface.


Through automatic translation technology, Hear Me transforms text content and online conversations into engaging 3D animations. This groundbreaking feature provides a user-friendly interface for deaf individuals, fostering accessibility across various digital platforms.


In its commitment to inclusivity, Hear Me facilitates the booking of Sign Language Interpreters for both online and offline events. Whether it’s seminars, outreach programs, meetings, or interviews, Hear Me ensures that deaf-friendly access is readily available, promoting equal participation and engagement for all.

Hear me bridging communication gaps in Indonesia

Hear Me serves as a vital bridge between the deaf and hearing communities, fostering greater understanding and collaboration. By seamlessly translating voice announcements into sign language through real-time 3D animation, Hear Me facilitates effective communication in various settings, including public spaces, customer service desks, and events. This not only breaks down communication barriers but also promotes inclusivity and equal participation for individuals with hearing impairments. 


Hear Me plays a crucial role in promoting sign language education and proficiency among individuals, both deaf and hearing alike. Through its innovative platform, Hear Me provides users with access to captivating 3D animations of sign language, making it easier and more enjoyable to learn. By seamlessly integrating sign language access into video content, Hear Me offers an immersive learning experience that enhances comprehension and retention.


The features of Hear Me also serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking to learn sign language quickly and efficiently. As a result, Hear Me empowers individuals to become proficient in sign language, promoting greater inclusivity and communication within society.

About Hear Me

Find out how Hear Me bridges communication between The Deaf and The Hearing using technology and 3D animation displays.

Hear Me introduces the first Indonesian Sign Language Translator Application featuring a 3D animation display.

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