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Transforming child healthcare via WhatsApp

Docokids is revolutionising health education through its 24/7 WhatsApp chat service. With immediate access to expert pediatric guidance and support, Docokids empowers parents, caregivers, and schools to address the health and development needs of children efficiently.


Originating in Colombia, Docokids delivers comprehensive information, education, and support on pediatric diseases, neurodevelopment, parenting, breastfeeding, and other child health concerns. Staffed by qualified pediatricians, the service operates round-the-clock, ensuring assistance is available whenever required.


Already making significant strides, Docokids has expanded its reach to at least 28 countries extending its services to families residing in rural or urban areas with limited access to healthcare. By bridging gaps in health education and accessibility, Docokids not only fosters improved health outcomes but also promotes social and economic empowerment within communities.

Impact in pediatric support

Docokids take pride in their accomplishment of addressing over 300 thousand questions and serving more than 8 thousand families, ensuring their satisfaction with the service provided. Remarkably, for 92% of their clients inquiring about emergency room visits, they have successfully guided them to stay at home or utilise alternative healthcare resources, prioritising their consultations within the health system. To further enhance this impact, they are actively seeking partnerships with health insurance and healthcare benefit institutions.


Their dedication to children’s health extends beyond virtual chat interactions. When situations arise that warrant in-person consultations, they promptly recommend seeking assistance from healthcare institutions. They remain committed to providing ongoing support and follow-up to the families, ensuring they feel reassured and supported during moments of distress.

Key project results

1 b

Questions resolved

1 m

Families served

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Presence in countries

Docokids is revolutionising health education with its 24/7 WhatsApp chat service, offering immediate access to expert pediatric guidance and support.

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