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Tirando x Colombia

Reshaping adolescent sexual health education

Tirando x Colombia is an innovative social enterprise with a mission to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and inequity resulting from teenage pregnancy. The organisation seeks to transform the sexual education adolescents receive by addressing taboos surrounding sex and sexuality. 


Through various educational strategies, Tirando x Colombia educates about sexual and reproductive rights, provides access to contraceptives, and aims to prevent teenage pregnancies. Their initiatives involve collaborating with entities, students, parents, and teachers to raise awareness and knowledge about reproductive sexual rights. 


They offer life project development, social innovation, anonymous counseling, and responsible access to contraceptive methods. By leveraging digital media equipped with artificial intelligence, Tirando x Colombia extends the reach and impact of their interventions for preventing teenage pregnancy.

Impact on adolescent sexual health in Colombia

The organisation has implemented a mixed educational strategy in partnership with local allies, which has proven highly effective, particularly during the pandemic. Tirando x Colombia focuses on generating systemic projects and engaging with stakeholder agents to prevent teenage pregnancy. 


Their approach includes modular programmes and communication strategies aimed at destigmatising discussions around sexuality, providing adolescents with comprehensive sexual education, 24/7 access to information, and the tools to strengthen their life projects. 


Through virtual platforms, students can engage with the programme at their own pace, promoting flexibility and accessibility. By empowering adolescents, Tirando x Colombia aims to create a future where teenage pregnancy is no longer a barrier to their potential.

Key project results

1 %

Increase in willingness to use contraceptives

1 %

Recognise their sexual and reproductive rights

1 %

Feel confident to discuss sexuality with parents and/or caregivers


Educational institutions intervened

1 k

Teachers, parents, and children participated

1 k

 Contraceptives delivered

About Tirando x Colombia

Discover how Tirando x Colombia eradicates stigma by providing education on sex and sexuality, and access to contraceptives, aimed at preventing teenage pregnancies, with the collaboration of parents and teachers.

Tirando x Colombia is an innovative social enterprise that aims to break the intergenerational cycle of poverty and lack of equity caused by teenage pregnancy.

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