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Uganics Repellents Ltd

The fight against malaria through soap innovation

Uganics is a social enterprise in Uganda, addressing the effects of malaria through innovative soap solutions.


Recognising the ubiquitous use of soap in daily life, even among impoverished families in Africa, Uganics embarked on a mission to provide a soap that not only cleans but also prevents mosquito bites. Their vision: to offer an affordable and durable organic mosquito repellent soap, particularly benefiting mothers with children under five years old in rural communities.


Through strategic partnerships with resorts, lodges, and high-end hotels catering to tourists seeking natural mosquito prevention methods, Uganics sells their product at a higher margin. The profits generated from these sales are reinvested to subsidise soap prices for rural mothers, ensuring affordability comparable to ordinary soap. This innovative approach leverages everyday consumer goods to combat malaria effectively.

Uganics' impact in Uganda

Uganics has earned recognition for its dedication to addressing critical health issues while upholding international eco-friendly production standards. The company’s commitment extends beyond product quality to uplifting impoverished communities through the generation of clean energy via solar initiatives and job creation.


At Uganics, the focus is on making a dual impact: empowering women while combatting malaria in vulnerable communities. Recognising the potency of collaboration in this fight, Uganics is not merely battling mosquitoes but also empowering remarkable women in vulnerable areas. Through employment opportunities and tailored training programmes, the company is effecting positive change.

Key project results

1 M

People reached and
impacted locally

10 %

Reduction cases in
households actively using Uganics products


Women and youths employed

300 k

Soaps subsidised


Distribution partners and
contract manufacturers


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Uganics is a social enterprise in Uganda, addressing the effects of malaria through innovative soap solutions.

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