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Happy Ground

Innovations in agricultural decarbonization

Happy Ground leverages the carbon credit market to increase accessibility to biochar fertiliser for farmers. Over nearly a decade, the founders, originating from rural Thailand, have fostered a strong bond of friendship and shared aspirations. Their deep connection to the land and communities has driven their commitment to rural development, sustainable agriculture, and climate action.


Happy Ground is dedicated to transforming agriculture and combating climate change through innovative circular solutions. By converting coconut biowaste into biochar, they enable Thai farmers to adopt regenerative farming practices, improving soil and crop health. The company’s “Happy Grocers” platform facilitates connections between these farmers and conscientious consumers, ensuring access to sustainably grown products.


In addition, Happy Ground utilises carbon credits as a financial tool to support their sustainability initiatives. This approach provides corporations with an opportunity to engage in the green revolution by participating in carbon credit markets and supporting insetting efforts. By doing so, they not only align with their sustainability objectives but also contribute to tangible environmental impact.

Happy Ground's impact on Thai agriculture

Biochar plays a crucial role in restoring soil health and pH balance, particularly in Thailand, where decades of intensive synthetic fertiliser use have depleted soil quality. By serving as a natural nutrient reservoir, biochar minimises reliance on synthetic fertilisers. This not only reduces chemical input costs but also promotes soil vitality, fostering sustainable agricultural practices and long-term cost savings.


Given Thailand’s susceptibility to drought, exacerbated by climate change, biochar’s water retention properties are invaluable. They enhance soil moisture levels, fortifying plants against water scarcity and contributing to agricultural resilience. Biochar offers significant carbon sequestration potential by storing carbon in soils for extended periods, exceeding 100 years. Through participation in the carbon credit market, Happy Ground subsidises farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture, providing financial assistance while mitigating carbon emissions for enduring environmental benefits.

Happy Ground leverages the carbon credit market to increase accessibility to biochar fertiliser for farmers.

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